The Nuances

Macerates are what give Belsazar its complex flavour. The extracts from herbs, spices, blossom and husks are as varied as Berlin’s neighbourhoods. The macerates mature in large carboys.

The right Brandy

Belsazar’s finishing touch comes from a dash of fruit brandy. The Schladerer distillery has been producing fruit brandies using only natural ingredients since 1844.

The Must-Have

The subtle sweetness of Belsazar comes from adding Black Forest grape must. To stop the must from fermenting, it is refined with brandy that has been left to mature in oak casks. This is where the slight hint of sherry comes from.

The Union

All ingredients are mixed together during the filtration stage. The wine, fruit brandies and must become one. This is when the vermouth starts to take shape – and all it takes is a delicate combination of skill, time and temperature.

Ageing in stone casks

The ageing process takes up to three months. The vermouth is stored in neutral stone casks to allow the liquid to develop its range of complex aromas. The ingredients are left to fuse with one another, uninhibited by aromas that would otherwise arise if the vermouth was stored in a wood cask. This is what gives Belsazar its refreshing taste, complexity and balance.